Bakline Mercenaries to debut at NY Sevens

Rugby can be an unforgiving sport in this country.

We have a changing of the guard. Old traditions and perceptions of the game along with it’s aging player base is slowly eroding on the sides as a new breed of American player takes center stage. This new breed of player can see the game maturing and wants a piece of the international pie of top competition. We find more players today than ever taking better care of their bodies, training harder, practicing longer and taking advantage of all opportunities that allow them to step up their game. Rugby is well over 125 years of age and in this professional era traditions and club loyalty is at odds with the players who seek to be the best.

Enter the Mercenary.

Wasn’t long ago we were approached by a group of international and local players interested in furthering their playing style together. These players come from varied backgrounds and are rooted in a common goal: win the NY Sevens.

This year we will support a team of like-minded individuals who don’t believe in themselves to be better than the team – they believe in each other to be that team they believe in. Health in body and mind, respect, discipline and teamwork. Values to live by.

We support their efforts on November 24th at the New York Rugby Sevens Tournament.

The Bakline Mercenaries will give 100%, nothing less.